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Why do polishing melt-blown spinneret holes?

  • 2020-06-13
    Spinneret Holes Polishing

    Spinneret is the key part of quality melt-blown die significant to making superior fabrics, because the precision of spinneret directly affects the uniformity of melt-blown fabric. And for spinneret, the quality of holes is of primary importance. The diameter of holes usually is around 0.2mm - 0.3mm, the polishing cannot be ignored among all precision processing.


    The reason of polishing melt-blown spinneret holes:

    The profile verticality and smoothness of spinneret holes guarantee the quality fiber output. Except extreme precision drilling holes processing, more or less, there are burrs or residue on spinneret holes. And if those spinnerets work without polishing, it’s possible to cause blocking or decrease the flow speed as the continuous flow of molten PP. But when do excellent polishing for melt-blown spinneret holes, such troubles could be avoid, and prolong the melt-blown die life as well.


    The Polishing Processing for Melt-blown Spinneret Holes

    The most common polishing processing is hydrofinish - special extrusion grinding, as there are thousands of micro holes in spinneret.


    So you can see that after polishing, it could keep good roughness for smooth surface of the holes, get the strong pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and sufficient mechanical strength, finally ensure the stable and quality fabric production of Meltblown Fabric Line without fiber breakage.