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Melt Blown Fabric Production Line
DKM Meltblown Fabric Production Line
  • DKM Meltblown Fabric Production Line
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  • DKM Melt Blown Non-woven Fabric Production Line

    DKM has been providing meltblown lines to meet the rigorous demands of the KN95 mask non-woven fabric production. We strive to offer one stop solution of the most efficient meltblown fabric production lines for high quality PFE & BFE ≥96% with comprehensive service, save your time and money on starting the new meltblown non-woven fabric production business!

    DKM 1600mm Meltblown Line
    DKM-1600 Meltblown Fabric Production Line Display

     DKM-1600 Meltblown Line Profile

    Power Requirement: 380V/3Phase/50HZ

    Material: PP chip (MFI 1500-1800)

    Available Fabric Width: 1600 mm

    Product Weight: 25-150g/m2

    Capacity: 1-1.4 Tons per 24 hours (for KN95 and above)

    Details of Meltblown Fabric Production Line
  • Meltblown Fabric Production Line
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    DKM Meltblown Fabric Production Line Highlights

    Reliable Production Capacity

    Stable and efficient production proved:Daily output of more than 1-1.4 tons

    Easy Operation & Maintenance

    We ensure that the line operation is easier, And was design for easy maintenance.

    Save Floor Space

    Considering the workshop layout, DKM meltblown line is “Z” type to save the whole line floor occupation.

    Energy Saving

    DKM extruders apply the servo system, saving much energy based on accurate speed torque.

    Live Production Control

    DKM lines set precision pressure and temperature sensors at key processes to monitor production in real time.

    DKM Meltblown Fabric Line
    DKM Meltblown Production Line
    DKM Melt Blown Fabric Production Line
    DKM Meltblown Fabric Production Line List

    DKM offers a whole solution designed to improve productivity of customers’ meltblown non-woven fabric production, with a strict focus on quality in order to meet high requirement of KN95 and above.

    Meltblown Machine Specification
    Meltblown Mould Specification
    Equipment List of Meltblown Fabric Production Line

    DKM90/30 Single Screw Extruder

    Air Heating System


    Meltblown Mould

    Fibers Collector

     Centralized Electrical Control System

    Metering Pump

    Electrostatic Electret Processor

    Other auxiliary equipment and tools

    DKM-1600 Meltblown Fabric Production Line Service

    Guide on installation and commissioning of equipment.

    Foundation installation drawing supported.
       DKM could help provide the drawing and guide for customers do the preparation for further production line installation.

    Regular Research
       DKM team would follow the whole line running regularly to help provide the timely support and guide to keep the line operating in ike-new condition.

    Get the Optimized MeltBlown Fabric Production Lines

    DKM PP meltblown non-woven fabric production lines is optimized to deliver the high quality mask fabric. Contact us now to get yours!

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