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DKM Spunmelt Non Woven Production Lines
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    DKM Nonwoven Fabric Technology is supplying Spunmelt Non-Woven Production Lines. The spunmelt non-woven fabric is also important as PP meltblown fabric, they are widely used in diaper linings, filtration, civil engineering, medical, protective clothing, masks, coating etc…


    The Spunmelt Non-Woven Production Lines including extruder, recycle extruder, filter, screen changer, metering pump, monomer sctution, stretching channel etc… The fabric valid width of spunmelt nonwoven lines from 2400mm, 3200mm to 4000mm, can doing for SMS,SMMS,SMMMS,SSMMS, Production, capacity 10-15ton.

    DKM Spunmelt Non Woven Production Lines

    DKM Spunmelt Non Woven Production Lines Highlights


    DKM Nonwoven Fabric Technology has good market for Meltblown fabric lines and SMMS production lines in domestic & foresight; we have strong service team for support customer installation and training. Usually 5-7 days for installation, 5 days for adjustment and training. And we has established service center on Korea and Japan, and we are discussing more service center in other countries. For future production, we can supply technical support for customer on line, for examples, how to adjustment, how to reaching high quality fabric for pass test, how to setting parameters, how to packing and storage fabric etc…


    The production technology of Spunmelt Non-Woven need rich production experience, In addition to the ability to manufacture SMMS equipment, there is also a need to know how to adjusting for temperature, air blowing, pressure etc… Moreover, the Spunmelt Non-Woven mould and meltblown fabric mould is also very important for adjusting high quality fabric.


    In our company, the main exturder machine and main mould are made by ourselves, machine factory and mould factory are adjacent, each factory area more around 20000m2, with advanced tooling equipments. We are no need purchase them from other suppliers, it will be save more time for communication and adjustment. So we have good chance to improve our Spunmelt Non Woven Line. 

    Detail Specification

    DKM Spunmelt Non Woven Lines Specification

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