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Core Components of Meltblown Line

  • 2020-06-13
    Meltblown Line

    That a PP meltblown production line is whether stable running or not depends on complex factors, and there are two core components of meltblown line you should pay attention: melt-blown mould and air heating system.


    Melt-blown Mould

    Superior melt-blown mould could help much on even PP distribution across the mould to ensure the uniform fiber web forming. The key parts including mould design, processing and QC for heating, coat hanger runner, spinneret and air knife.


    List the spinneret as an example:

    Usually the holes diameter is around 0.25-0.3mm, to help produce the fabric in line with good barrier effect. Such as ours, we made the holes with diameter 0.25-0.3mm, and L/D ≥10, and finally our customers could produce 95+ meltblown fabric with those moulds.


    Air Heating System


    Melt blow process requires lots of continual hot air. That’s why the air heating system is required.

    Usually the air heating system is made of stainless steel pipe as sheath house, high temperature resistance alloy wire, inside with thermal insulators for constant temperature, and the control part with advanced digital circuit, the integrated circuit trigger, the high reverse voltage silicon controlled and so on for temperature adjustment and measurement.


    There are basic requirements for it:

    - Could adjust the temperature according to the actual production demand;

    - Fast heating;

    - High precision of tempt control for uniform heating;

    - High thermal efficiency for saving energy and electricity.


    We have delivered 1600mm meltblown lines commissioned successful and producing fabric in line with PFE 95+. Welcome to contact us to learn more.