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Medical Part Injection Molding Solution
Medical Part Injection Molding Solution-DKM
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  • •Optimized Output •Clean Production •Lightweight Parts
  • DKM Packaging Injection Molding Solution

    For more than 20 years, DKM has been offering a wide range of plastic packaging injection molding solutions to be in line with the industry requirements of less lightweight, more output and more clean production. DKM one stop solution of the plastic packaging molding has helped customers create advantage in competitiveness!

    Get the Custom Packaging Molding Line Solution
  • Medical Molding Solution - Meltblown Line
  • PET Bottle Line
  • Medical Molding Solution - Hand Sanitizer Line
  • Caps & Closures Lin
  • Medical Molding Solution - Syringe Line
  • Pail & Bucket Lin
  • Medical Molding Solution - Test Tube Line
  • Thin Wall Containers Line
  • Medical Molding Solution - Test Tube Line 2
  • Stacking Line
  • Medical Molding Solution - Test Tube Line 3
  • Disposable Cutlery Line
  • One Stop Medical Part Injection Molding Solution-DKM
  • DKM Packaging Part Injection Molding Solution Highlights
  • Reduce part weight and cycle time - lowering overall packaging part costs.
  • Improve precision repeatability - ensuring high quality consistency of part.
  • Optimal uptime and performance – meeting the high volume production.
  • Improve clean production system - in line with the packaging molding requirement.
  • Superior Technology for Quality Packaging Injection Molding Solution
  • Expert design for machine and mould to guarantee the efficient and clean production
  • Optimal cooling system for shortening production cycles (considering the complete line, not just moulds)
  • High performance hot runner system for quality parts
  • Stack molds for double productivity
  • IML optional for more charming packaging part
  • Decisive Ability for Quality Packaging Injection Molding Solution

    Optimal Part Design

    DKM expert packaging part design team knows well about the high part requirements on the aesthetics and functionality, so at its source, ensure the packaging part quality and manufacturability. It’s crucial for reducing the time to market as well. That’s why DKM pays much attention on the design and R&D ability.
    Packaging Part Special Features

  • Accurate tolerance
  • Lighter weight
  • Safe, strong and environmentally friendly
  • Meet the corresponding industry’s standard
  • Optimal Part Design - Medical Molding Solution

    Superior Mould Design & Tooling

    Based on the optimized part design, DKM teams do well for the packaging mould design and processing with rigorous QC, to ensure the mass production of quality parts at the shortest cycle time.

    Expertise Packaging Molding System

    DKM devote to the comprehensive packaging injection molding solutions, offering customers with quality, cost-effective and more output production. Like the 20L paint pail line DKM offered, with IML system, the cycle time is optimized to be 15 seconds, and the delivery time could be fast as 20 days! All of packaging solutions are customized for detail demands required by customers. Except for the injection molding system, DKM could assist in automatic system (IML system) and further process system like packaging system.

    Expertise Medical System - Medical Molding Solution

    Extensive Customer Service & Support

    DKM is committed to providing comprehensive service and support for packaging molders to guarantee that the production lines are running as efficient as the new lines. Hence you could find that DKM assists in plant planning, plant set-up guiding, workers training, and technical support for trouble-shooting… Quick response for your needs is where DKM is proud! It is the lifetime service guaranteed.

    DKM Packaging Molding Solution Range

    DKM has provided 90 companies with efficient packaging molding lines for different industry: water packaging industry, food packaging industry, paint packaging industry… We are keeping our mission in our mind to provide the best one stop solution to customers for cost-effective production at the high quality.

    DKM Medical Part Molding Solution
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