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  • Hand Sanitizer Bottle Production Line

    Due to the global epidemic, hand sanitizer became very popular, and many businessmen want to invest production line for making hand sanitizer.


    Our company can supply customers with complete PET hand sanitizer bottle production line solutions from perform making to downstream packaging, we offer complete hand sanitizer bottle line with different caps, like with screw cap, pump sprayer, flip top cap and so on. We help our customers find the most economical way to do the investment. With excellent quality, diamond service, we has already recognized as the most reliable enterprise who offer the turnkey solution for PET hand sanitizer bottle production line for our customers all over the world.

    Details of Hand Sanitizer Bottle Production Line
  • Plastic Hand Sanitizer Bottle Molding Line
  • Plastic Hand Sanitizer Bottle Line
  • Plastic Hand Sanitizer Bottle Production Line
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    DKM Hand Sanitizer Bottle Production Line List

    The whole production line includes many type machines to realize filling and package of liquid with low to high viscosity.

    Automatic PET Perform Injection Molding Machine and Cap Molding Machine

    PET preform and cap injection molding lines is the first step for the whole project, and it is very important to produce high quality PET performs and caps, so that the bottle can fit well with the caps. The production capacity can customize based on customer requirements, the maximum capacity can reach 50000pcs preforms/h, 80000pcs caps/h.

    Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine

    We specialize in producing high-end brand automatic PET bottle blowing machine. Full-automatic blowing machine is the most stable 2 steps blowing machine in the market, which can blow bottles from 50ml to 20L and 1 cavity to 4 cavities. The max. production capacity output capacity can reach to 8500pcs/h.

    Other Equipment List of Hand Sanitizer Bottle Production Line

    Cap Assembling Machine

    This machine is optional, if your bottle with flip top cap, then it is not needed. But if your bottle fit with pump sprayer cap, then it is necessary. This equipment is suitable for the sprayer assembly, that for automatic assembly and testing of the sprayer components. It adopts PLC control system to automatically complete feeding, assembly and finished product discharge; it greatly improves production efficiency, reduces workers and reduces costs.


    Hand Sanitizer Filling System

    Our hand sanitizer liquid filling machines are designed to meet the changing needs of the hand sanitizer industry. we are a leader in bottle filling system, and have done the research on how these automated manufacturing processes work, and we manufacture the ideal machinery to handle your Hand sanitizer filling needs and meet your production goals.  


    Hand Sanitizer Capping Machines

    After filling system comes the capping process. We had developed high quality hand sanitizer capping machines to ensure secure products. And the capping system includes cap completion system, cap feeding systems, plugging systems for bottle capping machines. Our aim is to ensure the product is prepped for the end-consumer.


    Hand Sanitizer Labeling Machines   

    The last process is the labeling of the hand sanitizer bottles. Our labeling machines can realize labeling for various hand sanitizer productions, no matter the bottle type is round, square or irregular. Our equipment will help to make clear text and images to attract consumers’ eyes. 

    The Information Shall Be Offered in Your Side

    If you want to develop hand sanitizer production line, please provide following information to get the most economical solution from us.

    1. What's your bottle specification?

        Includes bottle shape, bottle volume, bottle weight, bottle neck size, bottle cap design.

    2. What's the productivity do you expecting in one hour? 

        Like 2000 bottle. 

    Get the Hand Sanitizer Bottle Production Lines

    Dakumar offers you engineer door to door service. We help you design the workshop layout, install all the equipment in your workshop, and training your engineers. Please kindly note that we manufacture the ideal machinery to handle your hand sanitizer needs and meet your production goals. 

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